May 8, 2021

Process is compelled by experience.

It shaped much of our modern world and no brilliant innovation, nor natural beauty was ever absent from its greatest expectation. The process of our most ambitious ideas is what defines us. It’s ability to shape our thoughts and design solutions is the very reason resiliency is innate in all of us.

Every time we embark on a process, new discoveries are at the horizon. Science has taught us, our capacity to hold and manipulate information is limited. It requires conscious effort on our part to think critically and problem solve. In order to understand the process within everything we must disengage beyond the basic purpose of things and empathize.

One can acknowledge things can be just as they are without any added depth, however, what is life without depth if not shallow knowledge. In fact not allowing the process to overtake purpose is a lesson in and of itself. Much like the ocean can be still in quality, it is also volatile in nature, so much so it can take you off course.

Thinking can be uncomfortable. It requires conscious effort to process.

Much of our working memory’s goal is to work toward useful information becoming automatic and in return leaving little for us to worry about. We become proficient in that quality, but this default in setting should not be our constant driver.

It’s appealing to do things we already know; for example: driving with GPS to not get lost in lieu of learning how to navigate. Watching videos that give you the sensation of understanding without actually exposing you to the real thing. Much of what a process requires of you is what you’re doing most of your life, finding purpose, experiencing.

It’s a thought process to define your purpose and so we ideate strategies.

A process endures confusion to forge meaning.

Every single experience has paved the way for the successes and failures in life, without judgement. The beauty of a process is that it’s both constant and dynamic, neverending and absolute, definite and indefinite. When one ends, another begins. It creates prototypes of possibilities both imaginative and concrete.

A process conceives creators.

We become makers. Along the way it tests us and in return we test it. The catapult, thereafter, is a risk. Our own experience becomes the raw material from which our process becomes creation.

Here, The Kilos Project represents just that, a process to find purpose in life and how that translates through our health and wellness.

How do you see yourself? Who do you listen to? What do you write about?

These questions contribute to the story we all tell ourselves, and our wellbeing reflects the process we are in, in more ways than one.

You choose when that happens and where that work takes place.

But before we can understand why we want the things we want, we make up stories to silent our own uncertainties and undefined process. Some stories come from our own catalog, but most we adopt from others. In light of that, the process never fails, until it needs to.

This space is meant to reflect back on to you and what weight you hold in the world.

And so here we tell stories.

As the collective we advocate, as the individual we relate.

This is the process. ///


July 25, 2021

Create; the power to exist from imagination.

As is in the beginning, we create to have meaning in a world we fail to see at face value. Our constant existential wonder, however shallow or deep, leads us to the raw material from which we borrow to make our immediate environment. Here our brain mixes those electrical impulses with our senses, memories, thoughts, emotions, and all experiences, both old and new, to give life to a narrative we always seek to understand.

Thus creativity is born... and it is good.

Creativity gives distinctive ideas equal ranks to endure the abyss of our subconscious.

It is desperation into action, inputs for outputs, causes and effects.

It is the first relationship we unknowingly build upon and carry into our lives.

It is a labor of both love and pain.

Our ability to create comes in many forms both tangible and abstract.

Math, science, technology; Family, strangers, friends; Music, film, literature.

In fact, if you're curious enough, the beauty to create is that no detail goes unnoticed, no thought is undervalued, no action gone to waste for it follows a process uniquely expressed; and therefore a masterful art to endure.

Creativity is intentful in practice; humble in soul.

It is the heart of everything and an extension of why we are.

The Kilos Project builds upon the process at hand for us to now, create. Therefore, it's only fitting to first ask ourselves, "Why am I doing this?". Here our ability to create put’s purpose to thought. It is our deepest desires brought to light, our inner dialogue observed, our perceptions come to life, and why we ultimately decide to take on the day. But before we come to our own conclusions, creating helps provides the mindset to accomplish all of our goals. In this space we practice, refine, and adapt all of our efforts. We make to exist, we build to live, we create to discover. Our methods, unconventional; our results, clear.

To create is our modern romance.

This is 'create'. ///