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May 1, 2022

All Sad Hearts Pop

An ode to the sad songs that make us get up and dance.

Sometimes, some of the most popular club hits side swipe us with a melancholic meaning behind all of the kick drums and bass lines.

I have a deep love for sad songs masquerading as a dance track.

There's an art to that happy-sad harmony and it works for a reason. It's why club and dance music is so universal.

Walking out on to the dance floor and riding that vibe... there's nothing like it.

It's songs like these that help us exorcise our demons and sort out our feelings weather we know it or not. It's a form of therapy. I'm sure you can catch yourself realting to more than one song, while you bust a move on the dancefloor. Just know you're not alone.

This playlist takes you on a big high from all the deep lows that we know too well, so trade in your sadness for a catchy beat and just dance it out for a couple hours.