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February 1, 2022

Bloodshed for Love

A love untethered can sometimes feel sinister.

Inspired by the more obsessive side of love, this playlist is not mean to scare you from those hidden desires, but rather exorcise the narrative we all fall into from time to time... obsession.

Are you watching them or are they watching you? It's a playlists that plays with perspective.

The first half rides the line between loneliness and ecstasy while the second tears through the picture perfect dream of love.

Separated into two parts, Weyes Blood's song "Movies" becomes the interlude between the two shifting tones.

When creating this list I envisioned two protagonists. One is set on feeling love despite all odds and the other just wants to feel... anything. An imperfect combination.

Every song and each title ended up fitting perfectly to the story I wanted to tell, so listen closely to recurring sounds and repeating beats being used.

The tone stringing itself throughout this soundtrack resounds the void these two characters desperately try to keep inside.

YO! MY SAINT - Karen O, Michael Kiwanuka
Diamond Veins (feat. Sarah Rebecca) - French 79
Hold Me - R.O. Konoba
Swallow - Monolink
Fresh Blood - Eels
Like A Motherless Child - Moby
Good Love - Zola Blood
Movies - Weyes Blood
Here She Comes Again - Röyksopp
Hustler - Josef Salvat
like u - Rosenfeld
The Girl's Attractive - Diamond Nights
Tear You Apart - She Wants Revenge
Sorry About the Carpet - Agar Agar
I Took A Ride - Caroline Rose
6 In the Morning - TENDER
True Love - Otzeki
Never Tear Us Apart - INXS
Creep - Arlo Parks
Another Story - Pyrit