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April 1, 2022

Cheat Codes in Green

In small ways, pushing someone's buttons can make deep impressions.

This playlist kind of evoled. It became more of vibey sound complilation.

Originally I wanted to make a list that gave the 'idgaf' feel, but then it started to take on a fictional story of its own in a subtler way.
Similar to an obsessed fan and artist relationships, people have their own cheat codes to justify their actions or make their way around why they do the things they do to cope. Be it jealousy, envy, fanatisim, or greed. Listening back I got this narrative. The audiotape and clapping sounds add an interesting element to this toxic fan and musician storyline.

But... with a different set of ears, this soundtrack can also be interpreted as a fictional couple coping through their personal tendencies. There are certain audio clips in songs that thread throughout the playlist and certain lyrics that nod to other songs if you can catch them. All this combined this compliation weridly worked out well.

As alwasy it can be free to interpretation.

Fan vs. artist. Lover vs. partner. All types of relationships can turn green, one little lie at a time.