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December 3, 2021

CREATE Series 1

this:undefined podcast, in collaboration with guest creatives:

Brock Yurich ('acting' episode, Actor)

Sudie ('independent music' episode, Musician)

Max Shannon ('personal brand' episode, Designer, DJ)

Hector Trend ('artist' episode, Painter, Sculptor)

comes a unique playlist in which I asked each guest from the podcast to share 3 pieces of music that are meaningful to them.

They are songs that inspire, stir emotions, or construct a space for them to be creative.

I left it free for interpretation as to what type of genre, style, or time period they wanted to choose from and what came out of this mix was a beautiful interlacing of songs that tell the story of our four featured collaboratores in the midst of their own creative process.

Told in 4 acts, immerse yourself into this playlist with the mindset of each creative and notice how music can be a catalyst for discovery and inspiration.

This is their story.

For more context listen to their podcast episodes first and see how their choices match their persona. ///

Act i (Brock)

Adagio for Strings, Op.11 - Samuel Barber
The Heart Asks Pleasure First - Michael Nyman
River Waltz - Lang Lang, Alexander Desplat

Act ii (Sudie)

Dreamboat - Joviale
I'll Be Your Guy - Bambina, Gabriel Sayer
Lucy - Yenkee

Act iii (Max)

Stereo - BoomBox
Pimp Jackson Is Talking Now!!! - Loco Dice
Deep In The Three - Adriatique, Thyladomid

Act iv (Hector)

Initium - Keaton Henson
Father And Son - Yusuf / Cat Stevens
cellophane - FKA twigs