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March 1, 2022

Escape to Run

Sometime a way out of a rut is to run to the beat of your own heart rate.

This playlist was made for runners, spinners, and House lovers a-like.

The music on this one doesn't stop until you've gotten out of your own way (whatever that may mean to you).

I split it up to give you some nice cool-down moments, but also some sweet runners high.

In this mix of songs I wanted to ground the mood with a very primal and tribalistic sound. As the playlist evolves, so does the varitey of drum and horn sounds.

A familiar thread runs throughout the whole playlist meshing well with modern instruments and dramitc tones creating a nice balance of old and new.

It's a very physical soundtrack structred by each song's title and lyrics.

This set will inspire you to free your mind, body, and soul.