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April 1, 2021

From Ash-To-Droid

A toxic story about Droid + Earth.

This playlist plays out a narrative with each song. From the lyrics to the layered beats of tribal and tech sounds you’re in for a sci-fi ride.

“Iron” dramatically enters you into a world at war, much like the writer Woodkid intends. Our imagined protagonist is leaving a world that’s stripped him of innocence and in course to a new frontier.

“Hearing Damage” echos the sentiment of loss and pursuit for a better world that wants him back.

Meanwhile “Breaking Bones” by Vök illustrates a creator's agony to be seen and explored. Much like what it takes to make life on a floating rock in space, the pressure increases to become flesh and bones. Thus, bringing life to the next track by Sevdaliza, “Human”. A song that is self explanatory and in need of no justification by distant observers.

Then to give context to a past long gone, VETO’s “You’re Hard To Get” provides exposition, but from whose perspective? You decide.

“Escalate” by Tsar B could be meant as a mating dance or warning sign to our two protagonist. Never the less it lures you into its spell.

“DUST” quickly lifts a haze of attraction between two beings looking for visibility. While “Body Sun” basks in the light that casts over the hidden earth that's been found. From there “Burning Hour” begins a one sided love story gone unseen.

Then comes a drift from reality and perspective with Zola Blood’s “Island” in which singer Matt explains, “The track is about drifting off with someone, forgetting who you are or where you’re supposed to be.” The repetitive arpeggio and staccato hand claps give a nice imagery to our continuing story of a city being built for Earth.

Our playlist reaches a tone shift with Marika Hackman’s cover of “I Follow Rivers”, who’s lyrics portray to our story an eerie concern of obsession from our foreign Humanoid that Earth is starting to catch on to.

Meanwhile, basking in the beauty of civilization and taking the optimistic look of the world, “Sunrise” gives you the idealistic hope of what a healthy world can be personified as a love story. This is the first track grounded in modern sounds with a touch of wavy synth. Combined with sounds of birds and high hats here is where music merges with nature sounds much like our two characters.

“Like Water” reaches a religious peak in tone and imagery. From here things will not play out safely and “Elephants” by Warpaint explains that quite well. A good reality check for our foreing droid, seeing Earth does not want organized chaos.

Continuing the narrative, Tender's “Vow” is best explained by how one’s actions can potentially change everything in a relationship, especially if you’re not careful in what you’ve said or done. In this case a world in turmoil from obsession.

“Depraved” begins tearing down the facade of a world at peace. And “Basic Instinct” continues that path of destruction with lyrics like “I’m tired, I don’t want it.” repeating as if to convince us an apocalypse is inevitable.

As a final cry, “Let Me Follow” echoes a similar phrase from earlier, but in a different tone in hopes of changing Earth’s mind and promising a better future. A sentiment repeated one to many times with all the same outcomes.

Nearing the end of the playlist, "Kettering's" actual song description explains it best, as one of the closing songs to this playlist:

“It introduces the relationship between a patient and a hospice worker, most likely symbolic of an emotionally abusive relationship.”

While in terms of imagery for our story, here our foreign protagonist is getting ready to lift off from an imploding world watching it burn on their way out into space and off to another world.

Ending the playlist comes “You Kill Me” by the Golden Filter whose lyrics are self explanatory and serves as a phoenix rising from its ashes and possibly on to something more. ///

Iron - Woodkid
Hearing Damage - Thom Yorke
Breaking Bones - Vök
Human - Sevdaliza
You’re Hard To Get - VETO
Escalate - Tsar B
Body Sun - RY X
Burning Hour - Jadu Heart
Islands - Zola Blood
I Follow Rivers - Marika Hackman
Sunrise - Kevitch
Like Water (feat. Mohna) - Christian Löffler, Mohna
Elephants - Warpaint
Depraved - Mammals
Basic Instinct - The Acid
Let Me Follow - Son Lux
Kettering - The Antlers
Kill Me - The Golden Filter