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September 1, 2020

We Use to Be Friends (What Happened?)

Sometimes you can be left with unresolved feelings that are out of your control and it’s only in hindsight where you catch just how unrequited things might have been.

Much like the start of any songwriting process, “Equation” starts off the playlist with just a piano and voice in hopes of solving the question, what happened?

Songs like “Do You Remember”, “Say it”, and “in my head” continue the self reflecting first quarter of this soundtrack to a fault. Then halfway through the playlist, questions turn to self-preservation with songs like “Karma” and “Cool Enough” which help cleanse you of any uncertainty you might have.

But, despite our own coping mechanisms we end up circling back to “Distractions” and late night wonders with songs like “3AM” and “faded/2am”.

Finally, the playlist comes to an ends with two songs that can both acknowledge and confuse anyone who’s in pursuit of answers. Sometimes being “Too Good” can be teared down by a single “voicenote”.

Where do we go from here? ///

Equation - Sinead Harnett
Do You Remeber - Jarryd James, Raury
Say It - Maggie Rogers
Loner - Kali Uchis
Sola - Nina Cobham
In my head - Ariana Grande
Stuck - Tink
You Must Think I’m Dumb - Sydney Ranae
Smile Now, Cry Later - The Shacks
Karma - Lady Wray
Cool Enough - TeaMarrr
Problem With You - Sabrina Claudio
Lonely - Demi Lovato, Lil Wayne
3AM - Janine
Distractions - Wild Painting
faded/2am (feat. GoldLink) - Lila Drew, GoldLink
Too Good - Jo&Me
Voicenote - Alaina Castillo