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October 1, 2021

In the Details

This playlist was inspired by desire. We hide them in plain sight... we just dont know it.

When assembling this list of songs, the devil is in the details, so play close attention.

Desire is power, whether it's by our own means, or its influence by others. It creates a thin line between right and wrong.

In this soundtrack I had in mind two plots and two characters: One, influenced by flesh, the other by soul.

Both display a human response to how that line can be crossed.

So, while you might think at first that the narrative of this list of songs is of luring someone through selfish desires, it really is about being liberated by our very own.

There are no good or bad guys here, only well intentioned beings.

One is the adversary: a devil. The other is the version of ourselves we sometimes fail to see: a human.