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August 1, 2020

Sunset Delivered

As the sun sets, the beats soften, and the tones level. The energy of the summer is coming to an end and so are the things we tried to forget. Be it a summer fling distraction or a deep love you can’t get out of your head, this playlist takes a hopeful yet tempting vibe to not fall back on to old habits now that summer is over.

The playlist starts off with a tropical sound with songs like “Summertime Magic” and “Way Down” reminding you of the fun to be had until the sun sets.

Half way through we’re introduced to a ‘windows down, rooftop open, sunset drive’ kind of vibe with songs like “Off the Grid” and “Comfortable”.

After a summer of escape, turns out old feelings are hard to shake with songs like “Let Me Touch Your Fire” which provide at least one more chance at dancing it out of your system before the night falls.

On a final note, "Heart Attack" will do just that, as a song that encompasses this whole playlist, the sequel to the “Summertime Is For Forgetting” soundtrack. ///

Wake Up Call - Manila Killa, Mansionair
The Power - Duke Dumont, Zak Abel
Summertime Magic - Childish Gambino
Way Down - MØ
Dancing Anymore - IS TROPICAL
Supersonic Good Life - Waazzoo and the Vibes
Comfortable - Moods, High HØØPS
Off the Grid (feat. Khalid) - Alina Baraz, Khalid
Selfish Love - Jessie Ware
Lento - Lauren Jauregui, Tainy
Honey - Robyn
Fallin Fallen - The Reverb Junkie
Fall In Love - Until The Ribbon Breaks Reimagination - Phantogram, Until The Ribbon Breaks
Let Me Touch Your Fire - A R I Z O N A
Therapy - Duke Dumont
HEART ATTACK (feat. lau.ra) - BRONSON, ODESZA, Golden Features, lau.ra