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February 1, 2021

Sex Scenes: Vol 1

Every song in this playlist could be a sex scene.

Sultry, vibey, moody.

Imagine it playing in the background of any sexy situation and let it take your mind where it will. You can enjoy this playlist however you see fit. Make a moment out of it and listen in on the lyrical acrobatics it takes you on. There’s not much to say about this musical journey but to jump right in.

It’s hard to choose a favorite in this mix when you have songs like Fhin’s “Irreversible” preparing you for a good time forward and back. Then Ayelle’s “Mind and Body'' detailed knife sounds and beats behind those hypnotizing lyrics, sheesh!

Finally, ending the playlist is a long time personal favorite of mine, “Infinity” by The xx, a moody trio you can’t forget on a playlist like this.

Then Tanerélle’s “Mama Saturn” truly captivates you to want more! And more there will be... ///

Say It - Ebz the Artist
Sex and Candy - Unions
Irreversible - Fhin, Chløë Black
Amandine Insensible - Sevdaliza
Sexual Healing - Azee
Stand Still - Sabrina Claudio
Afterglow - Phaeleh, Soundmouse
Body - Sinead Harnett
Water & Air - Alex Isley
Make You Feel - Alina Baraz, Galimatias
Love Is A Bitch - Two Feet
XXX in the Morning - Trevor Dering
Sinking - Feverkin
Mind and Body - Ayelle
Lights Out - Sonn, Ayeele
Lay You Down - RINI
Idle (feat. Ghostly Kisses) - Henry Green, Ghostly Kisses
Infinity - The xx
Mama Saturn - Tanerélle