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March 1, 2021

Skin Deep Social

Songs about the effects of social media.

At face value this playlist is a toxic relationship between young lovers who can’t seem to communicate despite their slang efforts, like in songs “Daddy” and “Thru Your Phone”.

Relationships are already hard as it is, now add an obsessive and reckless digital age and you have what Cautious Clay’s sings about in “Cold War” and “Superior Emotion”.

Now go back and listen again to the whole list and imagine most of the songs from technology and social media’s point of view. For this playlist, technology is personified singing these songs to it’s users... you.

Every song hits differently with this perspective. “Stuck On You” and “BACK AND FORTH” sing about obsession, while Nada Surf’s “Popular” throws it back to a 90’s rock vibe showing not much has changed in what it takes to become popular. Plus, the “Smells Like Teen Spirit” cover reiterates that point.

Lastly, the last half of the playlist dives into the mechanics of a lot of music today, ‘I’m sad :( but this beat is FIRE'’ like in the tracks “Alone”, but Troye Sivan says it best with the closing track to this playlist, “Take Yourself Home”. ///

Barbie Girl - Tanaé
When I R.I.P. - Labrinth
3 Nights - Dominic Fike
Daddy - Charlotte Cardin
Cold War - Cautious Clay
Stuck On You - RAC, Phil Good
Thru Your Phone - Morgan Saint
Supalonely (feat. Gus Dapperton) - BENEE, Gus Dapperton
My strange addiction - Billie Eilish
Popular - Nada Surf
Smells Like Teen Spirit - Saint Mesa
Deep End - hapi jules, Cellar Door
Superior Emotion - AlunaGeorge, Cautious Clay
Disappear - Tei Shi
Alone - David K & Lexer Remix - Sorcha Richardson
Clouds - Slayyyter
Problems (feat. Grady) - Bryce Vine, Grady
Quantum Physics - Ruby Waters
Alone in the Universe - Tei Shi
Outer Space - Joey Gerlach
Take Yourself Home - Troye Sivan