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December 1, 2021

TRAIN Series 1

this:undefined podcast, in collaboration with guest trainers:

Garnett Strother ('independent trainers' episode, Personal Trainer)

Alex Rincon ('boxing' episode, Boxer & Rapper)

Toby Richards ('bodybuilding' episode, Bodybuilder)

Andy Vincent ('personal training' episode, PT Coach)

comes a unique playlist in which I asked each guest from the podcast to share 3 pieces of music that contribute to their training mentality.

I left it free for interpretation as to what type of genre, style, or mood they wanted to choose from and what came out of this collaborative mix was an interlacing of songs that tell the story of our four collaborators in the midst of their training regime.

Told in 4 acts, immerse yourself into this playlist with the mindset of each trainer and notice how different music can elicit different forms of motivation to train through resistance.

This is their story.

For more context listen to their podcast episodes first and see how their choices match their persona. ///