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January 1, 2022

Winter + Home

There's something about winter and home that feels synonymous to me. It's comfort, it's familiar, it's reflective.

And so I compiled a storyline about the love and search we have for a familiar place we call home.

Our playlist starts much like every conversation, in our heads.

Songs like "Modern Drift" by Efterklang and "For 12" by Other Lives, draw images of nature and isolation beautifully with lyrics like "We could be so strong, but we're all afraid." and "it feels like forever, when your mind turns to fiction." These are songs that create the musical backdrop that gives a feeling of the first snow fall of the year. The perfect season for this musical story.

As the playlist settles into itself and the snow becomes to ice, we see the other side of what our isolated thoughts hide, a place we feel safe, but can't quite catch under our grasp... love.

From there, the first half of this list plays with the idea of a less-than-satisfying dreaming state love can cause. Is love where our home resides?

"Dreamers" is playful, "Walk the Line" defensive, and "reflet" is pleading, all forms of vulneablity in full display.

Then the middle half comes undone in an honest and direct way as to what a melting heart, once frozen, wants.

"Song For You" is a personal favorite and a stand out track for this storyline.

From there we warm up to the reverb and harmonica sounds of "Thinking of a Place" by The War On Drugs, an ethereal track that shifts our perspective by expressing the way a special state of mind can affect your desired reality.

And so we ride that feeling 'like a wave' with the sudden realization that: family, in whatever form you find it, is the warmth to our coldest nights. The Cinematic Orchestra song "To Build a Home" personfies that idea quite well.

So perhaps... home, is truley where our love resides.

Who gives you the feeling of home? As our outro song plays a "Normal Song" by Perfume Genius.

Modern Drift - Efterklang
For 12 - Other Lives
At Home - Crystal Fighters
Dreamers - Savior Adore
Walk The Line - Jadu Heart
reflet - Oscar Anton, Clementine
Every Time the Sun Comes Up - Sharon Van Etten
Halo - Lotte Kestner
Song For You - Rhye
Midnight glories - Sumie
I'm On Fire - Chromatics
Thinking of a Place - The War On Drugs
Like a Wave - Matthew Minich
Come and See - Lean Year
So Long, Honey - Caamp
Mother & Father - BROODS
Calling Me - Aquilo
Open Season - Josef Salvat
... To Build A Home - The Cinematic Orchestra, Patrick Watson
Normal Song - Perfume Genius