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April 20, 2022

Episode 16

Rounding out our 'train' series is personal trainer and coach of 20+ years, Andy Vincent.

Defining personal training involves reflecting on the experience and knowledge one has gathered over a span of time in the field. In addition, the role a trainer plays in a client's fitness journey extends past just offering a "workout regime" and "meal plan". This ever-growing profession, now more than ever, is starting to make a greater impact on how we can all personally deal with our own health in the gym, therefore, redefining the role: personal trainer, into coach.

On our season finale, we hear Andy share the road he and many trainers like him encounter when helping people get fit.

From London to Ibiza and New York to LA, Andy has worked and seen first hand the different markets the world has to offer a trainer.

The opportunities can be endless and the lifespans can be short, however, those who manage to forge a career as a personal trainer can prove themselves to be a valuable resource in a saturated profession full of gym selfie models and fitness gurus.

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